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Having built over 3,000 tennis courts nationwide since 1968, including the court at the White House, and having owned and managed indoor and outdoor tennis facilities, we are arguably the most experienced single resource for such facilities in the nation. We now limit most of our new court construction to Illinois, except for an occasional larger facility around the nation.

New Courts:

We install new courts start to finish, starting with excavating, then stone, then asphalt, then color, nets and net posts, fencing, wind screens, and other court accessories. Basketball courts can also be added, including backboards and rims. The newest options include Pickleball markings and equipment.

Pickleball is played on a badminton court with the net lowered to 34 inches at the center, with a perforated plastic baseball (similar to a whiffle ball) and wood or composite paddles.

Rehabbing Existing Courts

In rehabbing existing court facilities, you have three options, depending upon the state of the courts:

  1. For courts still in good shape: Refurbishing courts involves filling cracks, leveling the court(flood and patch low spots, then recolor (5 steps)
  2. For courts that are still in fair shape and do not require major overhaul: Petromat system: We fill the cracks, then apply fabric over entire court, then install a 1-1/2" lift of asphalt, followed by our finishing process.
  3. For rebuilding badly damaged courts, the slipsheet method: Ten step process to prevent crack recurrence, starting with 4 inches of stone over existing, then 2-1/2" of asphalt, then the remaining steps to recolor and refinish.


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