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With 40 years of first hand experience of building and actually owning four sports facilities and managing over 40, we have been the go-to source for new and existing facility owners for construction, on-going maintenance and rehab/conversion facilities. Rather than list answers here, we are taking the unusual step of listing a teaser group of the kinds of questions we get in the soccer area, and an ideal FAQ source for answers to these questions and more, already prepared by one of our trusted industry associates, Tom Higginson at Let's Play Soccer. Click here for the link to his FAQs (with the answers), or just contact us directly and ask away.

Each of our product areas generates a series of questions of this type. With the variety of questions we field in each area, the volume of FAQ's shown could be substantial, and still not cover all of those that interest you, so we encourage you to call. The advice is free.

Typical of the questions we get regarding indoor soccer:

  • I am looking to buy an indoor soccer field. Where can I get a loan?
  • What is the size of a typical field?
  • Do you have any typical or estimated costs for the actual building?
  • How much does insurance cost and who can I get it from?
  • Indoor Soccer is pretty new in our area. How do we attract outdoor players?
  • Can I have a multi use facility?
  • How many players within a defined geographic area does it take to support an indoor facility?
  • Can the turf be removed in a short period of time?
  • We are looking to build an indoor facility that would be a combination soccer/tennis/hockey. Are there facilities like this? Do you know of a similar facility?
  • In general, what has been your experience during the summer months in the facilities? Are you able to book any field time or is everybody playing outdoors? What about camps?
  • What is the biggest reason indoor soccer facilities fail?
  • We are building a multi-field facility in _________. What advice can you give us?
  • What would be my maintenance costs for a new facility? What should I build into reserves? Any other things that I should list that generally get overlooked?
  • What about boarded vs. non-boarded fields?