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The Dasher Board system by Soccer & Tennis Surfaces is custom designed and built to any size for your facility and is made of the highest quality materials to give you years of maintenance free usage.


The dasher boards are a high density sports panel (55#/CF) with a thermally fused melamine surface to provide excellent play. The dasher boards are supported by 2" x 2" white powder coated steel posts every 4' for maximum strength. The steel posts are mounted into a floor sleeve in asphalt or concrete floor. An optimal surface mounted steel post can be used on a concrete floor.

Goals are typically 6-1/2' high, 12' wide, and 3' deep. However, other goal sizes of 7-1/2' x 14', or 8' x 14' used in various professional leagues, are available as well as an insert to convert back and forth. Goal nets are heavy-duty nylon, 1-3/4" mesh.

A typical dasher board configuration includes 10' high wall over and around the goal, 8' wall on the curves (radius) and 48" or 42" on straight-aways.

Entry doors can be installed at any desired position and are usually in the straight-away. They are made of a heavier density panel to insure years of usage with a chrome freezer handle hatching mechanism for durability and ease of use.

½" tempered glass options are available to portions of the dasher board system. This may be included on the radius, around the goals and on straight-aways to enhance viewing. This option also includes installing ½" full panels of tempered glass to the floor in lieu of the dasher board panel. Player boxes, penalty boxes and a referee box are all available options.


Netting is an option for both around the field and over the field in 1-3/4" or 4" squares/openings.

Installation by an experienced STS crew takes approximately 5-7 days.

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